Demolition Requirements

  • Electrical Service; City Utilities of Monett will disconnect the service.
  • Water Service; City Utilities of Monett will disconnect the service.
  • Sewer Service; Contractor shall locate the sewer line at the property line, and plug the line with a concrete plug at 3’ deep or deeper below grade. City Utilities of Monett must observe the plug.
  • Gas Service/Telephone/Cable TV; These are the owner’s responsibility.
  • Written Notice; The demolition contractor must give written notice to adjacent property owners.
  • Monett Building Board; A demolition that is ordered by the Monett Building Board must follow the Board’s “Findings of Fact & Orders”. The demolition must be begun immediately and proceed continuously. Foundation walls are to be removed, basements filled in, grade re-established, and grass seed put down. Grass must be kept mowed not over 8” high.
  • Completion; Demolition is incomplete “whenever any portion of a building or structure remains on site when demolition work is abandoned”, and this is a City Code violation.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
P O Box 176, Jefferson City, MO. 65102 1-573-751-4817
Demolition Requirements

Notification; The Missouri DNR requires notification 20 or more days in advance of the demolition of 4 or more residences, any commercial or industrial building, any building with > 10 sq.ft. friable asbestos, or any building with > 16 linear feet of friable pipe asbestos. MoDNR may require notification of demolition of single family houses. Call 573-751-4817, fax – 2706.
MoDNR may require notification of more than 1 house demolition / block / year.

Asbestos Sheets / Asbestos Shingles / Transite Siding;
Wet the siding, remove the nails or clip the nailheads, remove the sheets / shingles one by one, place them in double plastic trash bags, then place them in double cardboard boxes.
Arrange to haul the materials to a landfill;

BFI Landfill

BFI Lamar BFI Landfill Tate’s Transfer
2115 West Bennett Street Lamar, MO. Verona, MO. 65769
Springfield, MO 417-682-6379 1-800-201-7613
1-800-627-1717   417-498-6921

Disposal of Waste

“The disposal of demolition waste is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources under Chapter 260, Mo. Such waste, in types and quantities established by the department, shall be taken to a demolition landfill or a sanitary landfill for disposal.”

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