211 Fifth Street, Monett, MO 65708
John Vincent, Fire Chief
Non-Emergency (417) 235-7799
Emergency call 911

fire_trucksAt the present time, the Monett Fire Department has an I.S.O. rating of Class 4, with two fire stations; Station 1 located at 211 Fifth Street and Station 2 located at 904 County Road.

Monett Fire Department provides public education called Big Red which teaches fire safety throughout the school year to first and fourth graders in Monett and Freistatt schools.

Listed below is an example of safety issues provided through Big Red:


  • Check batteries once a week if "not" at least once a month.
  • Replace batteries once a year.
  • Clean detectors once a year.
  • Replace detector every 10 years - the detector will lose 50% of its dependability.


  • 80% of fire fatalities happen at home - one every 2 hours.
  • Most fires happen between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • Most people never wake up - toxic gases kill them in their sleep.
  • Senior citizens fatality rate is 3 times higher.
  • You must have a warning device - smoke detectors greatly increase in the chances of survival.
  • You normally have less then 4 minutes to escape - in 10 minutes the house is totally engulfed in flames.
  • 77% of households have one detector - 1/3 of them are not operational.

When a fire occurs there is not time for planning. Draw a floor plan of your home and mark exit routes you can take. You must have two exists in case one of them is blocked by the fire. Have a meeting place safely away from the house (either a tree, mailbox, or neighbors house). Practice your escape routes at least twice a year to make sure everyone knows how to escape.