Special response training

Fire Training 2
The Monett City Fire Department participated in Tactical Casualty Combat Care training Monday, April 29 and Tuesday, April 30 at Drury University.
The training was led by Cody Liccardi and Joshua Peter of the Cox Special Response group and covered care and safety techniques for emergency situations with multiple victims and potential ongoing threats to emergency responders.Fire training 1
Five law enforcement officers with the Monett Police Department and 15 Monett firefighters attended one of the two courses held, spending the morning in a classroom setting learning techniques and methods for managing mass casualty situations before taking part in a practical exercise in the afternoon that had them aid instructors in a mock scenario. During the practical exercise, participants retrieved a “victim” from a stairwell, extracting them to a safe area for evaluation and treatment while protecting themselves, their team, and the injured individual.
This training was funded through a Rural Resuscitation Grant.
“As with the other departments in the City, Monett Fire and Police work well together and enjoyed this training,” said Fire Chief John Vincent. “The Fire Department is grateful to Cox Special Response Group for this opportunity as we continue to train for whatever comes our way.”