Catching up with the Council

Did you know that as of last week, Monett City Council videos now appear online, allowing everyone to keep up with the activities of their local government?
To view council videos, visit the city website at From there, navigate from the “Government” tab to the “City Meetings.” On the lefthand side of that page is a link for the City Council’s “Agendas, Minutes, & Videos.” Once you are on that page, select the current year and pick the appropriate drop-down tab to view the council’s agendas, minutes, or a video of the council meeting.
Videos will be posted the day following the meetings and be available for public viewing.
The city is currently working to develop a new website with easier navigation. With the launch of the new site later this year, all City Council Meetings will be streamed live for anyone who would like to watch their city government in action in real time.
For easy access to the Agendas, Minutes, & Videos page, click: