Emergency Management installs multi-function siren

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A new, multi-function siren has been installed at Monett’s North Park Sports Complex, allowing Emergency Management the ability to notify residents at the facility about everything from lightning strikes and incoming severe weather to tornado warnings and more.
The UltraVoice Electronic Siren controller and high-powered Omni Speaker is a $32,000 investment that will function as a traditional tornado siren and comes with several additional applications that will improve safety and communication at the North Park facility.Speaker 1
The new speaker can generate single and dual-frequency warning tones to indicate the threat of sever thunderstorms, tornados, excessive heat advisories and more. The speaker can also automatically detect lightning in a five- or ten-mile radius and warn park users of potential danger.
The controller can also reproduce high-quality live or pre-recorded messages that allows city emergency management to notify nearby community members of specific dangers, like severe storms.
The live voice capability can also serve as an “all-call” system at the sports complex. For example, if parents are attempting to locate a lost child during a busy tournament weekend at North Park, officials will have the ability to make an announcement to all who are gathered.
The speaker will also be able to play the National Anthem throughout the North Park facility.
The siren was installed at the sports complex May 7 and has been working effectively throughout the recent storms, notifying park users of potential lightning danger, hale and even tornados.