Salute to Public Works

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Monett’s Public Works department is one of the largest in the city and is responsible for an array of duties throughout the city, including maintenance of city roads, parks, and cemeteries, to the annual city-wide clean-up, loose leaf collection, monthly brush pickup, regular mowing at city properties, snow plowing and so much more.24 Public Works Day - Schools Flyer
From the park pool to the city streets, everywhere you look in Monett you see the hard work of the 28 full-time and five part-time crew members of the Public Works Department. The department includes street crews, sanitation crews, park crews for both South Park and the North Park Sports Complex, a Cemetery crew who takes care of the IOOF, Oakdale and Cox cemeteries, the Monett Recycling Center, Compost, Household Hazardous Waste, Brush Drop-off, the Casino, the Pavilion, the FEMA shelter/community building, the city’s pocket parks, and the outlying soccer fields.
The Monett Public Works crew members are available at all hours of the day and night, in all temperatures and weather conditions to keep Monett operations running smoothly. They were the lions share of the crew members working to clean up storm damage at South Park this month, they are the team working on road repairs, they are the crew members working weekends to ensure our cemeteries are neat and clean, and they are always available when needed.
“It is really difficult to quantify how much I appreciate the guys and the jobs that they do day in and day out,” said Public Works Superintendent Dave Dunn. “When the weather goes to crud and people stay in and out of it … my guys leave their families and come and plow roads, clear sidewalks and parking lots and continue to pick-up trash, do loose leaf collection, monthly brush pickup, mowing, weed eating, pothole patching, concrete work, crack sealing, chip-n-seal work, etc., etc. ALL the time regardless of the weather conditions!!! My crews are the ‘Steady Eddies’ of the City of Monett! A lot of the things that make Monett different and a great place to live are a direct result of the tireless and, a lot of the time, thankless dedication of the Public Works Department.Street Sweeper Poster
While many in the community may see the Public Works crews out and about during summer road maintenance, the sacrifices made week in and week out can often be overlooked. The team members sacrifice time with their families, work late nights and weekends for gatherings at the Casino, weekend tournaments at the Sports Complex, weekend funerals, and the 4th of July celebration. The city’s Recycle Center is open on Saturdays so many community members can utilize the service on their weekends. On-call personnel are available 24-7 for a week at a time and giving up extracurricular activities with friends and family because they must be available at the drop of a hat! (just to name a few!) All of these and a whole lot more require someone - or at times like snow events - eight men to be away from their families for 12 hours at a time.
“I cannot thank my guys enough for their dedication and tireless work ethic,” Dunn said.
“Many Monett residents may not know exactly how much the City’s Public Works Department does on their behalf every day,” said City Administrator Chris Weiner. “These guys are responsible for so much of our amazing community, from our parks and roads to our trash service and special events like our city-wide clean-up. Monett wouldn’t be the same without the dedicated team we have in Public Works.”
Everyone is invited to a celebration of Public Works and the Monett Team at the annual Public Works Day scheduled from noon to 2:30 p.m. Friday, May 24 at the Public Works Building located at 594 14th St. in Monett.
This event will feature a static display of the heavy equipment Public Works staff uses on a regular basis, as well as a contest to give local youngsters an opportunity to help name a new City Street Sweeper that will be delivered later this year.
This event is a great way for the community to come out and get a look at our great Public Works Department and let the little ones get an up-close look at some of the equipment they love to see in action.