Citywide Clean-up, by the numbers

During the 2024 Monett Citywide Clean-up, Public Works crews collected a total of 188.36 tons of unwanted brush, trash, home items and more.
In all, the team collected 135 dump truck loads and 20 trash truck loads, (excluding normal trash pick-up.)
City crews hauled away 80 dump truck loads of brush, seven loads of chipped brush and 12 loads of rocks, blocks, bricks, and concrete rubble and two small dump truck loads of metal.
Public Works Director Dave Dunn said the city saw a 57 percent increase in brush this year over last year.
Over the course of the clean-up, Public Works crews burned through a total of 2,086.3 gallons of diesel fuel at a cost of $6,571.85. The city also pays a total of $54.36 per ton in tipping fees at the dump station, at a total cost of $10,239.25 for the 2024 clean-up. A fuel surcharge imposed by the dumping station amounted to $2,366.29, making the total dumping charge for the city $12,605.54.
“Our crews work very hard during the citywide clean-up to allow residents to get rid of all kinds of clutter they don’t want during their spring-cleaning efforts,” said Public Works Superintendent Dave Dunn. “The city invests a lot of time and money into the clean-up, and we appreciate all our community members who take the time and make the effort to participate. This program is designed to help make Monett a beautiful and inviting community and provide a measure of convenience for our residents that isn’t always offered by other cities. I think these numbers show that it’s a successful program that our community should be proud of.”
“It’s hard to express how much extra work our Public Works crews put in during the Citywide Clean-up,” said City Administrator Chris Weiner. “They accomplish all this while also keeping up on their regular duties. And this year, with the weather event we had in early May, we had teams from the Parks and Cemeteries, and our utility arborists stepping in to help with major clean-up efforts. It was really a team effort that our community should be proud of.”