City makes repairs to Storm Sewer

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First Street, between Bond and Cale, remains closed as Monett Public Works crews reconstruct the stormwater drainage system that collapsed Wednesday, June 12, when concrete was being delivered to a private construction project at the intersection of Cale, First and Central Avenue.
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Monett Public Works has excavated the site, removing the damaged section of the storm drain and on Friday, June 28, replaced the collapsed section of pipe with the assistance of Vaughn’s Companies here in Monett.
Public Works Superintendent Dave Dunn said the road will remain closed to through traffic until the remainder of the repairs are completed
However, the department is also planning to replace another 160-foot section of the storm drain south of the collapse in the near future. While inspecting the damaged area, Dunn said the city engineer and Public Works crews determined that the section of the drain south of the collapse is also in poor condition.

Those repairs are scheduled to take place later this summer.
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