Monett Matters: Careful What You DON'T Wish For

The best Sim City game in the world is the one you play from home, building your OWN community. Do you want more trees? More housing? Different food choices? How do you feel about living in Monett?

What does it take to make decisions for 10,000 people? A good guess? A hunch? What if what I like isn’t what you like? How can you tell us what you want for your future city? We need to hear from you. The chance to help us make informed decisions does not necessarily come along every day.

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Respond to the “Quality of Life Audit” we will be launching soon You will find it on our website when we have it ready. If you’re not a webcrawler, you’ll find links on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, the minute we go live.

There are five separate categories you can choose from, do one or do them all. “Living & Working Here” gives you the chance to give us a thumbs op, thumbs down, or thumbs sideways about how you think we’re running the city. Do you love living here? Do you wish you could live here, but can’t find a place to live? What more would you like us to do for YOU?!? Tell us what we need to know to keep you here. To help your young graduates here.

“Recreating & Playing Here” is all about the parks and recreation and entertainment options you find around town. Tell us what you’re enjoying, so we keep that going on. Tell us what you’re doing when you go somewhere else to play. We would love to keep you close at home. Many fill in the blanks options!

“Health & Safety” asks you about our emergency services, our medial providers, our aftercare and preventative services, our nonprofit sector. Do you feel like we go above and beyond? Tell us so. If you’ve had a hard time with something, we definitely need to know.

“Doing Business Here” is a great way to order up some new services. Take a few minutes to share your faves with us. Even if you drive an hour to get it somewhere else. Wouldn’t you rather find these things in your backyard? We lost some businesses during COVID. What would you like to bring back?

Our 20 year city plan expired 7 years ago. We need to proactively plan for the future you want and deserve. This is a new day. Walk with us. Run with us!

We are using a third-party software company to allow you the complete anonymity you deserve. No matter what you tell us, we will hear you and your answers will be counted. Your information will not be shared.

And if it isn’t enough to entice you by offering you a future filled with satisfaction in your community, we are giving away prizes. If you complete any of the five surveys and decide to give us your contact information you will be automatically registered for prizes. Don’t worry, the third-party software we are using won’t tell us your answers, just your contact information for the drawing. You will not be added to any lists.

Are you a Kansas City Chief’s fan? If so, we have three sets of books written by the KC Wolf himself. I met him last week and he signed all of these books for you. He’s rooting for Monett! More prizes will be added throughout the survey period. If you fill out all five surveys and give your contact information five times, you’ll have five entries. It’s that simple.