Loose Leaf Collection

                                                                      City of Monett Flushing Program

The City of Monett is starting a flushing program for the water system. We are using a process called
Unidirectional Flushing (UDF). UDF is designed to bring the water through the system in a controlled
fashion at velocities sufficient to provide a scouring action within the distribution piping. The technique
consists of isolating a particular pipe section or loop (typically through closing appropriate valves) and
exercising the hydrants in an organized, sequential manner generally progressing from the treatment
plant or source well to the periphery of the system. This sequential manner allows the dirty material to
be flushed out of the pipe as the process is moved along and limiting stirring up water in areas that have
not been cleaned.

This process will help remove scale and debris from our pipes and valves. This improves the quality of
our drinking water by providing better chlorine treatment.

When our crews are working in your neighborhood, you may experience water that is murky due to the
process. When we finish in that area, the City recommends running your water for a few minutes from
a hydrant or tub. If you use a sink be aware you may need to remove the aerator as there could be
small particles in the water that could cause your aerator to get clogged. Also, be sure to run cold water
until it is clear so you don’t pull the water with some color to it into your hot water heater. The City
does not recommend washing clothes, especially whites, when we are in the area doing this work.
The City will hang door tags a few days before starting to work in a neighborhood to give you notice that
we will be flushing the system.

Finally, if you experience issues with water discoloration and it will not clear up, please contact City Hall
at 235-3763 and we will have someone respond.