Making community connections

Chief at Preschool
Monett Police Chief George Daoud took time last week to visit with students of Mrs. Carmen’s preschool class at Small Wonders in Monett.
Chief at Preschool 3 - Copy
Chief Daoud said he and others in the Monett Police Department make time annually to meet with local students upon request from schools to meet with local youngsters and help educate them on safety procedures, how to identify helpful community members like police officers, firefighters, nurses or others who can assist in an emergency, and simply get to know some of the smallest members of our community.
During his two sessions at Small Wonders, the Chief answered questions from the students, handed out activity books and even gave them a quick tour of a Monett Police vehicle, showing off the lights and sirens and allowing the Junior Police Officers to sit in the driver’s seat for a photo.
Chief at Preschool 2 - Copy