The City of Monett has purchased a new automated Garbage Truck. The old style of manual collection was a leading cause of injury to City workers. These injuries result in manpower shortages and Work Comp claims that are an increased cost to taxpayers.
Automated collection refers to the system where an operator in the cab activates a mechanical arm on the side of the truck to lift and empty the trash cart. This necessitates the REMOVAL OF EXISTING LATCHES on the older style cans. If your trash cart has a black lid, it is the new style and does not have a latch.

Automated collection is more efficient, environmentally friendly, safer and economical than manual collection.

A City of Monett employee from the Sanitation department will operate the new automated truck. Although the new truck is more efficient, no impact on City employee numbers is anticipated.

Some collection routes may change from alley to street collection. Any route changes will be communicated to residents to ensure everyone knows their pickup location, Street or Alley.

RESTRICTIONS - The lid on your cart should close fully. The maximum weight of the cart should NOT EXCEED 130 LBS. Overloaded carts that result in damage to the cart will not be the responsibility of the City of Monett. Current re-placement costs are $65.00. per cart. All damages will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

All regular household garbage may be placed inside the cart. You can use any type of garbage bags from small to large. Waste should be bagged and tied. This will prevent garbage from becoming airborne as well as helping to keep your cart cleaner. Anything placed in the cart must be able to fall freely when dumped. DO NOT STUFF THE CART TIGHT WITH GARBAGE.

Please insure a minimum of THREE FEET clearance on all sides of the cart. For additional information please call 417-235-3495. Thank You